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Mopra User Guides

Quick Guides

Quick references to the most common procedures performed at Mopra

Booting the Computer Systems Generic Operating Procedure
Tuning Guide Data reduction with DFM

Mopra User Manuals

The 2002 version of the online MUM is still available online or as a postscript file (65MB).
We intended to have an updated and easier to navigate set of user guides in place here soon!

3mm Reciver Tuning Guide

The 3mm SIS reciever requires 'manual' tuning through a computer interface and this can be an something of a black art. A guide to the successful operation of the 3mm reciever tuning software available here.

Other User Manuals

Program Description View

Telescope Control System

The graphical user interface to the telescope control software. Users of the Parkes telescope control system will find TCS familiar.


Compact Array INitilisation

This program is run when starting up the system and is used to initialise the antenna. A version of the same program is used at the Compact Array.


Compact Array MONitor

Monitoring program with many "pages". Displays information on antenna status. This is the same program as is run at the Compact Array


SPectra Display

Real time spectra displays for ATNF correlators


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