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Travelling to Mopra

As of August 2006, the giga-bit links connecting Mopra and Narrabri to Epping have become avaliable. All Mopra observers are now required to observe remotely from Narrabri hence the Mopra lodge is no longer in use. However, in part of recognition to UNSW contributions to the development of Mopra, UNSW is exempted from remote observing. So if you are observing for an UNSW project you have a choice of staying at the UNSW cottage at the Siding Spring Observatory (self-catering), or staying at Narrabri (remote observing) which cost AUS$80 each day for a full boarding.

Before travelling to Mopra:
  1. Notify the ATNF staff that you are going to observe with the Mopra Telescope regardless of where you are staying (UNSW cottage or Narrabri). Follow this link.

  2. Book your accommodation.
    If you are going to stay at the UNSW cottage at Siding Spring Observatory (self-catering), please make a booking via the UNSW booking system. If you are staying at Narrabri (remote observing and meals are provided for full boarding, cost AUS$80 each day) you should specify this when you fill in the observing form in step one.

  3. Arrange your transportation.
    If you are an UNSW staff or postgrad student then you are eligible to use the Astro car, click here to make a booking. Alternatively you can travel by train and bus. See Country Link for more details. For public transport choose Coonabarabran as your destination (~20km east of Mopra), then call a taxi or get someone to pick you up if you know of anyone at Siding Spring Observatory.

The ATNF maintains a Visitors Guide to Mopra containing useful information such as maps and travel instructions.

Links to booking pages

ATNF UNSW Cottage Astro-Car
Notify ATNF Check current bookings Check current bookings
  Make a booking Make a booking

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