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Reducing Mopra Data

For data collected with MOPS

On-the-fly maps
    To reduce on-the-fly mapping data Livedata and Gridzilla packages are used. Livedata is an ATNF package which processes the raw rpf files into sdfits files with correct position stamps on each spectrum. The sdfits file is then further processed by a package called Gridzilla, which regrids the sdfits files and creates a FITS data cube.

Position switching
    For position switching observation, a package called ASAP is used. Please follow this link for further information.

For data collected with MPCORR (prior to Aug 2005)

Mopra Frequency Correction

Dual polarisation spectral line data taken prior to 2004 may be affected by a software bug which caused the incorrect frequency to be written to the rpfits file. For a full explanation of the problem see the memo below by Ned Ladd.

Download freq_shift.pdf |

A perl script written by Chris Philips and Cormac Purcell is available to correct the raw rpfits files.

Download moprafix.tar

All initial data reduction on MPCORR data is performed using the program SPC (formerly S). The Mopra correlator software writes to the proprietry rpfits file type. SPC is capable of reading rpfits and sdfits files and writing sdfits and fits files. Typical operations perfomed are: bandpass (reference) subtraction for each scan, baseline fitting, post observation doppler correction and averaging.

Program Description Download

Package for reducing Mopra and Parkes data.

binary linux | source*

SPC Manual

SPC Manual

html | ps

* spc source requires rpfits, fitsio, pgplot, atelib and salib.

More information is available on the ATNF SPC Homepage.

A tcl/tk graphical interface called Data From Mopra (DFM) has been written for spc. DFM enables rapid reduction of position switched spectra in two polarisations and writes out to sdfits and fits files. It is particulary useful at the telescope in order to reduce data rapidly on the fly.

Program Description Download

How to install DFM for Linux -Read This First

installation guide

SPC v3.11.3

Package for reducing Mopra and Parkes data.

binary linux | source*


Tcl/tk script by Cormac Purcell



The tck scripting language library

redhat 9 rpm | fedora rpm


The tk graphical extention toolkit for tcl

redhat 9 rpm | fedora rpm

expect The program interface language redhat 9 rpm | fedora rpm

Allows use of tk within an expect script

redhat 9 rpm | fedora rpm

DFM Manual

The DFM Manual

pdf | postscript

Some linux distribution will have the expectk libraries pre installed. The rpm packages here were compiled for Redhat linux 9.0. Rpms for other linux distributions are available on

After subtracting the reference positions and averaging using spc or dfm the data can be imported to the spectral reduction program of your choice. We recomend:

Program Description Download

Gildas spectral line reduction software



Nice graphical reduction software by Per Bergman from the Onsala Space Observatory

linux binary

Both programs read in data from files in the fits format.

A change is required in the header of the fits files output by spc / dfm in order for them to be read into XS correctly:
The keyword CRDELTn must be changed to CDELTn in all fields.

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