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Useful Links

Useful Links and Observing Tools Other Telescopes and Organisations
MM-wave line frequencies -
from the Lovas Catalog
The Australia Telescope National Facility.
Catalog of molecular transitions.
Parkes -
The Parkes Telescope.
Online celestial coordinate converter.
The Australia Telescope Compact Array.
Radial Velocities -
Calculates the radial velocity components of Earth, Sun etc.
The Swedish / ESO Sub-mm Telescope.
Planets -
Calculates the positions of the planets at any time.
The Atacama mm Array.
Coord -
Rise and Set times and Azimuth and Elevation of a Source from Parkes.
The Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy, incorporating OVRO and BIMA.
SiO Masers -
Used for pointing at Mopra.
Mopra Sensitivity Calculator -
For OTF/Position Switching.

Weather Misc
Satellite image of Australia in the visible What is mm-wave astronomy?- An introduction.
Satellite image of Australia in the infra-red Basics of mm-wave spectroscopy
Weather Warnings for NSW Infra-red Astronomy - IPAC educational infrared site
Storm Tracker - Lightning strikes in NSW Glossary of terms
Moree Weather Radar - 256km Loop and 128km Loop Australian Astronomy Online- Australia's official web portal
Australian Bureau of Meteorology ATNF Software Pages
ATCA weather station  
14-day temperature outlook for Australia ATNF Mopra Home Page - For latest Mopra info
14-day precipitation outlook for Australia ADS Abstract Service
Weather for Mopra Observatory NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED)

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