Research Areas

Antarctic Astronomy - including the PLATO (PLATeau Observatory) project - a self-contained automated platform for robotically conducting year-round experiments on the Antarctic plateau.

Exoplanetary and Planetary Science - including the Exoplanetary Science at UNSW group (running the Anglo Australian Planet Search (AAPS), HAT South transit follow-up and habitable M-dwarf planet search, Gemini NICI observations of AAPS long-period companions, follow-up of WISE ~300K Y dwarfs) and planetary atmospheric research by the Planetary Atmospheres group.

Cosmology - including searches for cosmological variability in the Fundamental Constants and the cosmology from the Lyman-alpha forest.

Star Formation

Research Projects

Research projects in cosmology, planetary and exoplanetary science, star formation, Antarctic astronomy, molecular astrophysics, instrumentation, and more, are available. The projects are suitable for both Honours students and Postgraduate degrees.

Click here for example research projects in Astrophysics.

Colloquia and Talks

AstroCoffee: Every Thursday at 10:00 am in the Astro lounge area. We meet informally and discuss general astronomy issues - a recent paper that someone thought was cool; astro politics; upcoming funding opportunities... almost anything. Croissants and coffee are free for students

School of Physics Colloquia: in the Physics Common Room.

ATNF Colloquia: Wednesdays at 3:30pm and Fridays at 11:00am. ATNF Lecture Theatre, Epping.

AAO Colloquia: Thursdays at 3:30pm. AAO Conference Room, Epping.

Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting, July 2-6, 2012

The Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASA was hosted at UNSW in 2012 - see the meeting web site for details.

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