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Krystyna E. Wilk

MSc Cracow Ph.D. UNSW MAIP


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Krystyna E. Wilk

Research Interests

X-ray crystallography, circular dichroism, differential scanning calorimetry, dynamic light scattering and spectroscopy methods are used to study the mechanism of energy and information transport by the light harvesting proteins from algal algae. Despite, the importance of these proteins, our knowledge of their three-dimensional structure is very limited.

Recently I have determined the structure of Phycoerythrin 545 to 1.6A resolution. I will continue with the light harvesting proteins towards their atomic structure.

Following my interest in the light harvesting proteins I became interested in how the proteins are targeted to the membranes and how they are inserted or translocated across membranes. For this project I will continue towards the structure determination of other components of algal cells. I have started the crystallisation of membrane proteins from different sources aiming to determine their structure and characterise their property.

Selected Publications

  • James, V.J., Wilk, K.E., McConnel, J.F., Baranov, E.P. and Amemiya, Y., "Intermediate filaments structure of a-keratin in baboon hair", Int. J.Biol. Macromol., 1995, 17, 99-104
  • Wilk, K.E., James, V.J. and Amemiya, Y., "The intermediate filament structure of human hair", Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1995, 1245, 392-396.

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