The current project is a collaborative endeavour between the Department of Physics at Miranda House, University of Delhi, India and the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

The first workshop ran at Miranda House for 2 days commencing on the 7th October 2013. The intention of the group based activities was to instruct educators in the field of Physics (and other disciplines) regarding the design and presentation of educational multimedia in a manner that accords with research based findings in the field of cognitive psychology. The emphasis on the production of the multimedia was to maximize learning efficiency in a creative and pedagogically sound manner whilst remaining cognisant of limitations relating to time and logistical constraints. To learn more about the project and the manner in which educational multimedia is interfaced with active learning in a classroom situation see "about the project".

The evidence-based guidelines provide a framework for designing the multimedia in terms of the layout and presentation. The application of these principles are necessary to ensure that the learning environment is attuned to the students cognitive abilities and levels of prior knowledge. The design process is also cognisant of recent research conducted at the University of New South Wales relating to instructional advice and learner control of instructional animations/videos. More detailed information is available at the menu option "cognitive design principles".

The outline for the teacher training workshops can be viewed here and outcomes from the workshop are documented and illustrated at the link "multimedia resources".

The multimedia for much of the workshop derives from the Physclips project undertaken by Professor Joe Wolfe and Mr. George Hatsidimitris from the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales. The active learning activities, and the facilities for the workshop, are provided by Miranda House, University of Delhi.

Contacts for the REALM project are George Hatsidimitris (Educational Multimedia Designer UNSW) and Dr. Pratibha Jolly (Principal of Miranda House).

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