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Invited speakers

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Gerrit Bauer, Tohoku University, Japan Dynamics of high-quality ferrimagnetic insulators
Maja Cassidy, University of Sydney, Australia Conductance through a helical state in an InSb nanowire
Stefano Chesi, Beijing CSRC, China Unconventional ferromagnetism of two-dimensional electron liquids with spin-orbit interaction
Jared Cole, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia Charge transport in Josephson junction arrays: the interplay of disorder, decoherence and dissipation
Timothy Duty, University of New South Wales, Australia Depinning of the 1D charged Bose glass: localisation length and critical voltage in chains of nano-structured Josephson junction chains
Silvano de Franceschi, CEA, Grenoble, France Ballistic 1D semiconductor nanostructures for topological superconductivity
Michael Fuhrer, Monash University, Australia Epitaxial Thin Films of Topological Dirac Semimetal Na3Bi
Leonid Golub, Ioffe Institute, St Petersburg, Russia Photocurrents in Weyl semimetals
Naoka (Ohta) Hiraoka, Tokyo University, Japan Electronic phase control of perovskite SrIrO3 with Dirac line nodes
Baruch Horovitz, Ben-Gurion University, Israel Transconducting transition for a mobile impurity coupled to N ≥ 2 Luttinger liquids
Thomas Jespersen, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark Electron pairing and superconductivity in mesoscopic complex oxide devices
Aydin Keser, University of New South Wales, Australia Long range p-wave proximity effect into a disordered metal
Yaroslav Kharkov, University of New South Wales, Australia Skyrmion rings and topological fractionalizaton in frustrated magnets
Mikhail Kostylev, University of Western Australia Spin wave dynamics is the most direct way to measure the interface Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in a ferromagnetic films
Daniel Loss, University of Basel, Switzerland Majorana and Parafermions in Interacting Rashba Nanowires
Yuli Lyanda-Geller, Purdue University, USA The Hunt for Non-Abelian Statistics
Frederico Rodrigues Martins, University of New South Wales, Australia Spin of a multielectron quantum dot and its interaction with a neighboring electron
Dane McCamey, University of New South Wales, Australia Spin coupling and dynamics in engineered molecular systems
Adam Micolich, University of New South Wales, Australia Materials drive device innovations
Vincent Mourik, University of New South Wales, Australia Supercurrent interference in few-mode nanowire Josephson junctions
David Neilson, University of Camerino, Italy Electron-Hole Double Bilayer Graphene. A new playground for novel strongly correlated quantum phases and superfluidity
Alexey Pan, University of Wollongong, Australia Interactions at the interfaces of oxide nano-multilayers
Meera Parish, Monash University, Australia Impurities coupled to a bosonic medium
Marco Polini, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy Viscous electron flow in high-quality graphene
Ben Powell, University of Queensland, Australia Spin state ice
Stephan Rachel, Melbourne University, Australia From Topological Insulators to Frustrated Magnets: the case of Na2IrO3
Michail E. Raikh, University of Utah, USA Smearing of the quantum anomalous Hall effect due to statistical fluctuations of magnetic dopants
David Reilly, University of Sydney, Australia Dispersive Gate Reflectometry of a Quantum Point Contact
Kirrily Rule, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia Neutron Scattering as a Tool for Investigating Low Dimensional Quantum Magnets
Joe Salfi, University of New South Wales, Australia Correlated states of interacting dopant spins in a silicon chip
Jan Seidel, University of New South Wales, Australia Domain walls and phase boundaries in multiferroic oxides
Ashwin Srinivasan, University of New South Wales, Australia Spin-orbit interactions in GaAs hole quantum point contacts
Oleg Starykh, University of Utah, USA Two-magnon condensation route to the chiral spin liquid
Clemens Ulrich, University of New South Wales, Australia Scaling behavior of the spin cycloid in multiferroic BiFeO3 thin films: A neutron diffraction investigation
Matthias Vojta, Technical University Dresden, Germany Heisenberg-Kitaev: Models and Materials
Lan Wang, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia Hard magnetic properties in nanoflake van der Waals Fe3GeTe2
Ulrich Zuelicke, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Dirac electrons in quantum rings


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