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Hiroto Adachi (JAEA, Japan)
Theory of spin Seebeck insulator.

Joel Bertinshaw (UNSW, Australia)
Element-Specific Depth Profile of Magnetism and Stoichiometry at the La(0.67)Sr(0.33)MnO(3) / BiFeO(3) Interface.

Samuel Bladwell (UNSW, Australia)
Artificial Graphen.

Damon Carrad (UNSW, Australia)
Electron-beam patterning of polymer electrolyte films to make multiple nanoscale gates for nanowire transistors.

Sara Callori (UNSW, Australia)
Transport Properties of NovelTransport Properties of Novel PbTiO3/SrRuO3 Ferroelectric Superlattices PbTiO3/SrRuO3 Ferroelectric Superlattices.

Karina Hudson (UNSW, Australia)
Mapping the projection of the hole g-tensor in gallium arsenide quantum point contacts in the absence of crystal anisotropy.

Julian Ingham (UNSW, Australia)
Effective masses of skyrmion quarks in a 2+1 quantum antiferromagnet.

Thomas Keevers (UNSW, Australia)
Spin-Dependent Recombination in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and the Role of Phosphorescent Emitters.

Thomas Kernreiter (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Interaction effects in two-dimensional hole systems.

Yaroslav Kharkov (UNSW, Australia)
Giant enhancement of superconductiong pairing in the vicinity of a magnetic quantum critical point.

Wataru Koshibae (JAEA, Japan)
Dynamics of quenched chiral magnet - creation and annihilation of skyrmions.

Bryce Lackenby (UNSW, Australia)
The scattering phase for a quantum point contact: theory versus experiment.

Roy Li (UNSW, Australia)
Single hole transistor in Single hole transistor in a conventional silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor.

Alice Mahoney (USYD, Australia)
Microwave Response of a Quantum Hall Droplet.

Yuichi Ohnuma (JAEA, Japan)
Enhanced spin pumping into a fluctuating ferromagnetic metal near T_C.

Andres Reynoso (USYD, Australia)
Floquet Majorana fermions in non-magnetic quantum wires

Andrew See (UNSW, Australia)
A new route to forming ultra-stable, reproducible quantum dots based on 'induced' AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures

Koudai Sugimoto (JAEA, Japan)
In-plane anisotropy of charge transport by impurity scattering in the antiferromagnetic phase of iron-based superconductors.

Abu Rifat Ullah (UNSW, Australia)
Electronic Comparison of InAs Wurtzite and Zinc Blende Phases Using Nanowire Transistors

Daisy Wang (UNSW, Australia)
Influence of surface states on quantum and transport lifetimes in high-quality undoped heterostructures.

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